bind: in the dial cache distinguish between direct and via cacheserver

In building a writeback DirServer cache, I require a process that can
make both cached and uncached calls to the StoreServer. The current
dial cache doesn't distinguish the two resulting in confusion. I
had already run into this in tests but had papered it ver by turning
off the dial cache. This provides a real solution, adding the

In so doing, I ended up rearranging code yet again, making
CacheEndpoint() once again a method of config. This was needed
to avoid import loops. It also got rid of the need to parse
the "cache" config variable on every Dial.

I also added a check to upspin/endpoint.go to check for
unassigned endpoints. I got tired of putting checks
against upspin.Endpont{} everywhere; not very obvious
what is being checked.

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