The Upspin mascot

The Upspin mascot is called Augie and was designed for us by Renee French.

Augie represents Upspin. If you want to show your support for Upspin, feel free to use one of the official images here with a link back to

Augie is copyrighted, so there are some rules to follow:

  • DO feel free to download the existing Augie artwork to promote or discuss Upspin.

  • DO feel free to use this Augie artwork to link to your Upspin project.

  • DO feel free to use this Augie artwork to demonstrate your project’s integration with Upspin.

  • DO contact us if you want to use the Augie artwork for any other purpose.

  • DO contact us if you're looking for Augie artwork not available on this page.

And some things to avoid:

  • DO NOT use any Augie artwork, except in relation to the Upspin project, without permission.

  • DO NOT create a modified version of the Augie artwork. This includes changing colors or proportions or adding clothes, text or other visual elements.

  • DO NOT use Augie artwork to represent your products. It represents only Upspin.

  • DO NOT sell any Augie artwork or merchandise without explicit permission.


Augie’s image is Copyright 2017 by Renee French, All Rights Reserved.