go.mod: update versions for yaml.v2 and x/text

Fixes #645

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  1. access/
  2. bind/
  3. cache/
  4. client/
  5. cloud/
  6. cmd/
  7. config/
  8. dir/
  9. doc/
  10. errors/
  11. factotum/
  12. flags/
  13. key/
  14. log/
  15. metric/
  16. pack/
  17. path/
  18. rpc/
  19. serverutil/
  20. shutdown/
  21. store/
  22. subcmd/
  23. test/
  24. transports/
  25. upbox/
  26. upspin/
  27. user/
  28. valid/
  29. version/
  31. CONDUCT.md
  34. go.mod
  35. go.sum
  38. README.binary
  39. README.md



Documentation: upspin.io

About the project

Upspin is an experimental project to build a framework for naming and sharing files and other data securely, uniformly, and globally: a global name system of sorts.

It is not a file system, but a set of protocols and reference implementations that can be used to join things like file systems and other storage services to the name space.

Performance is not a primary goal. Uniformity and security are.

Upspin is not an official Google product.


Upspin has rough edges, and is not yet suitable for non-technical users.

Build Status


The code repository lives at upspin.googlesource.com and is mirrored to GitHub.

Note that the Upspin project does not use GitHub pull requests, and that we use the issue tracker for bug reports and proposals only.

See the Contribution Guidelines for more information on contributing to the project.

Reporting issues

Please report issues through our issue tracker.


All Upspin users should subscribe to the Upspin Announcements mailing list to receive critical information about the project.

Use the Upspin mailing list for discussion about Upspin use and development.

Code of Conduct

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

The Upspin mascot is Copyright 2017 Renee French. All Rights Reserved.