cmd/keyserver-gcp: do not disable log output

We disabled log output for efficiency reasons, but I don't think we're
seeing the kind of traffic levels we feared. We only log 1 in 100
rpc/keyserver.Lookup requests anyway, so the output should be fine.

Change-Id: I1ce58ee5cf9c66b6882f575584e2069d3a925757
Reviewed-by: Eric Grosse <>
Reviewed-by: Rob Pike <>
diff --git a/cmd/keyserver-gcp/main.go b/cmd/keyserver-gcp/main.go
index 814e787..ab2216d 100644
--- a/cmd/keyserver-gcp/main.go
+++ b/cmd/keyserver-gcp/main.go
@@ -46,7 +46,6 @@
 		cloudLog.Connect(*project, serverName)
 		// Disable logging locally so we don't pay the price of local
 		// unbuffered writes on a busy server.
-		log.SetOutput(nil)
 		svr, err := gcpmetric.NewSaver(*project, metricSampleSize, metricMaxQPS, "serverName", serverName)
 		if err != nil {
 			log.Fatalf("Can't start a metric saver for GCP project %q: %s", *project, err)