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// Copyright 2017 The Upspin Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package serverutil
import (
// RateCounter is a counter that tracks how many values have been added per
// unit of time, averaged over a certain period. RateCounter is an expvar and
// thus can be used to count time-based events such as requests per second.
type RateCounter struct {
samples []int64 // running counts; must be used atomically.
b int32 // current bucket; must be used atomically.
tick <-chan time.Time
d time.Duration
// NewRateCounter creates a new counter that reports how many values have been
// added per unit of time, averaged over a rolling window with a given number of
// samples. For example, to measure unit per second averaged over the last sixty
// one-second samples: NewRateCount(60, time.Second).
func NewRateCounter(samples int, d time.Duration) *RateCounter {
return newRateCounter(samples, d, time.NewTicker(d).C)
// onReady is called when the rate counter's loop has advanced. Used in testing.
var onReady = func() {}
func newRateCounter(numSamples int, sampleDuration time.Duration, tick <-chan time.Time) *RateCounter {
if numSamples <= 0 {
panic(fmt.Sprintf("numSamples=%d, must be >0", numSamples))
r := &RateCounter{
samples: make([]int64, numSamples),
d: sampleDuration,
tick: tick,
go r.loop()
return r
// Add adds val to the counter.
func (r *RateCounter) Add(val int64) {
bucket := atomic.LoadInt32(&r.b)
atomic.AddInt64(&r.samples[bucket%int32(len(r.samples))], val)
// Rate returns the rate that values are Added to the counter, per unit of time,
// averaged over the number of buckets.
func (r *RateCounter) Rate() float64 {
var sum float64
for i := 0; i < len(r.samples); i++ {
sum += float64(atomic.LoadInt64(&r.samples[i]))
return sum / float64(len(r.samples))
// String implements expvar.Val
func (r *RateCounter) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf(`"%g ops/s"`, r.Rate()/float64(r.d.Seconds()))
func (r *RateCounter) loop() {
for {
// After each tick, move to the next bucket and zero it.
bucket := atomic.AddInt32(&r.b, 1)
atomic.StoreInt64(&r.samples[bucket%int32(len(r.samples))], 0)