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// Copyright 2016 The Upspin Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package inprocess implements a non-persistent, memory-resident user service.
package inprocess // import ""
import (
func New() upspin.KeyServer {
return &server{db: &database{
users: make(map[upspin.UserName]*upspin.User),
// server maps user names to potential machines holding root of the user's tree.
// There is one for each Dial call, but they all share the underlying database.
// It implements the upspin.KeyServer interface.
type server struct {
db *database
var _ upspin.KeyServer = (*server)(nil)
// A database holds the information for the known users.
// There is one instance, created in init, shared by all server objects.
type database struct {
// mu protects the fields below.
mu sync.RWMutex
users map[upspin.UserName]*upspin.User
// Lookup reports the set of locations the user's directory might be,
// with the earlier entries being the best choice; later entries are
// fallbacks and the user's public keys, if known.
func (s *server) Lookup(name upspin.UserName) (*upspin.User, error) {
const op errors.Op = "key/inprocess.Lookup"
if err := valid.UserName(name); err != nil {
return nil, errors.E(op, err)
user, ok := s.db.users[name]
if !ok {
return nil, errors.E(op, name, errors.NotExist)
return dup(user), nil
// dup creates a copy of the User structure so the caller cannot change our data structures.
func dup(u *upspin.User) *upspin.User {
v := *u
// The slices need to be copied.
v.Dirs = make([]upspin.Endpoint, len(u.Dirs))
copy(v.Dirs, u.Dirs)
v.Stores = make([]upspin.Endpoint, len(u.Stores))
copy(v.Stores, u.Stores)
return &v
// Put implements upspin.KeyServer.
func (s *server) Put(u *upspin.User) error {
const op errors.Op = "key/inprocess.Put"
if err := valid.User(u); err != nil {
return errors.E(op, err)
name, _, _, err := user.Parse(u.Name)
if err != nil {
return errors.E(op, err)
if name == "*" {
return errors.E(op, errors.Invalid, u.Name, "user has wildcard '*' in name")
s.db.users[u.Name] = dup(u)
return nil
// Endpoint implements upspin.server.
func (s *server) Endpoint() upspin.Endpoint {
return upspin.Endpoint{
Transport: upspin.InProcess,
NetAddr: "",
// Dial always returns the same instance of the service. The Transport must be InProcess
// but the NetAddr is ignored.
func (s *server) Dial(config upspin.Config, e upspin.Endpoint) (upspin.Service, error) {
const op errors.Op = "key/inprocess.Dial"
if e.Transport != upspin.InProcess {
return nil, errors.E(op, errors.Invalid, "unrecognized transport")
return s, nil
// Close implements upspin.server.
func (s *server) Close() {