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// Copyright 2016 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// +build !go1.7
package http2
import (
type contextContext interface {
Done() <-chan struct{}
Err() error
type fakeContext struct{}
func (fakeContext) Done() <-chan struct{} { return nil }
func (fakeContext) Err() error { panic("should not be called") }
func reqContext(r *http.Request) fakeContext {
return fakeContext{}
func setResponseUncompressed(res *http.Response) {
// Nothing.
type clientTrace struct{}
func requestTrace(*http.Request) *clientTrace { return nil }
func traceGotConn(*http.Request, *ClientConn) {}
func traceFirstResponseByte(*clientTrace) {}
func traceWroteHeaders(*clientTrace) {}
func traceWroteRequest(*clientTrace, error) {}
func traceGot100Continue(trace *clientTrace) {}
func traceWait100Continue(trace *clientTrace) {}
func nop() {}
func serverConnBaseContext(c net.Conn, opts *ServeConnOpts) (ctx contextContext, cancel func()) {
return nil, nop
func contextWithCancel(ctx contextContext) (_ contextContext, cancel func()) {
return ctx, nop
func requestWithContext(req *http.Request, ctx contextContext) *http.Request {
return req
// temporary copy of Go 1.6's private tls.Config.clone:
func cloneTLSConfig(c *tls.Config) *tls.Config {
return &tls.Config{
Rand: c.Rand,
Time: c.Time,
Certificates: c.Certificates,
NameToCertificate: c.NameToCertificate,
GetCertificate: c.GetCertificate,
RootCAs: c.RootCAs,
NextProtos: c.NextProtos,
ServerName: c.ServerName,
ClientAuth: c.ClientAuth,
ClientCAs: c.ClientCAs,
InsecureSkipVerify: c.InsecureSkipVerify,
CipherSuites: c.CipherSuites,
PreferServerCipherSuites: c.PreferServerCipherSuites,
SessionTicketsDisabled: c.SessionTicketsDisabled,
SessionTicketKey: c.SessionTicketKey,
ClientSessionCache: c.ClientSessionCache,
MinVersion: c.MinVersion,
MaxVersion: c.MaxVersion,
CurvePreferences: c.CurvePreferences,
func (cc *ClientConn) Ping(ctx contextContext) error {
func (t *Transport) idleConnTimeout() time.Duration { return 0 }