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// Package blackfriday is a Markdown processor.
// It translates plain text with simple formatting rules into HTML or LaTeX.
// Sanitized Anchor Names
// Blackfriday includes an algorithm for creating sanitized anchor names
// corresponding to a given input text. This algorithm is used to create
// anchors for headings when EXTENSION_AUTO_HEADER_IDS is enabled. The
// algorithm is specified below, so that other packages can create
// compatible anchor names and links to those anchors.
// The algorithm iterates over the input text, interpreted as UTF-8,
// one Unicode code point (rune) at a time. All runes that are letters (category L)
// or numbers (category N) are considered valid characters. They are mapped to
// lower case, and included in the output. All other runes are considered
// invalid characters. Invalid characters that preceed the first valid character,
// as well as invalid character that follow the last valid character
// are dropped completely. All other sequences of invalid characters
// between two valid characters are replaced with a single dash character '-'.
// SanitizedAnchorName exposes this functionality, and can be used to
// create compatible links to the anchor names generated by blackfriday.
// This algorithm is also implemented in a small standalone package at
// It can be useful for clients
// that want a small package and don't need full functionality of blackfriday.
package blackfriday
// NOTE: Keep Sanitized Anchor Name algorithm in sync with package
// Otherwise, users of sanitized_anchor_name will get anchor names
// that are incompatible with those generated by blackfriday.