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The package is generated from the upspin.proto file.
To generate it, you need protoc 3.1.0 or later and the protoc-gen-go tools.
Download the protoc build (version 3.x) for your platform
and put it in your PATH.
Use 'go get' to install the latest protoc-gen-go
(git hash 6a1fa94 at time of writing, June 2017):
$ go get -u
Then, run 'go generate' from this directory to re-generate the package:
$ go generate
If you encounter unexpected diffs, such as changes to the
"ProtoPackageIsVersion3" constants, then you may be using the wrong versions of
protoc or protoc-gen-go.
To debug, run 'which protoc' and 'which protoc-gen-go' and check that the
commands in your path are the ones you just installed.