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// Copyright 2016 The Upspin Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package gobind provides experimental Go bindings for a simplified
// Upspin Client and related data structures in such a way that languages
// such as Java and Objective-C can handle and gomobile can export.
// Currently, gomobile cannot export slices other than byte, so slices are
// converted to linked lists when necessary. Unsigned types are not supported
// either, so they're converted to their signed equivalents and truncations
// or roundings are silently ignored.
// This package is experimental and is NOT an official upspin.Client
// implementation. Its definition may change or break without warning.
package gobind // import ""
// To regenerate the .aar archive for Android Java, run:
// go generate
//go:generate gomobile bind -target android
import (
// Load everything we need.
_ ""
_ ""
_ ""
// DirEntry represents the most relevant pieces of an upspin.DirEntry for clients.
type DirEntry struct {
Name string
IsDir bool
Size int64
LastModified int64
Writer string
Next *DirEntry
// ClientConfig is a setup data structure that configures the Client
// for a given user with keys and server endpoints.
type ClientConfig struct {
// UserName is the upspin.UserName.
UserName string
// PublicKey is the user's upspin.PublicKey.
PublicKey string
// PrivateKey is the user's private key.
PrivateKey string
// KeyNetAddr is the upspin.NetAddr of an upspin.Remote KeyServer endpoint.
KeyNetAddr string
// StoreNetAddr is the upspin.NetAddr of an upspin.Remote StoreServer endpoint.
StoreNetAddr string
// DirNetAddr is the upspin.NetAddr of an upspin.Remote DirServer endpoint.
DirNetAddr string
// NewClientConfig returns a new ClientConfig.
func NewClientConfig() *ClientConfig {
return new(ClientConfig)
// Client is a wrapped upspin.Client.
type Client struct {
c upspin.Client
// Glob returns a linked list of DirEntry listing the results of the Glob operation.
func (c *Client) Glob(pattern string) (*DirEntry, error) {
des, err := c.c.Glob(pattern)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
var first *DirEntry
var last *DirEntry
for _, de := range des {
size, err := de.Size()
if err != nil {
return nil, err
dirEntry := &DirEntry{
Name: string(de.Name),
IsDir: de.IsDir(),
Size: size,
LastModified: int64(de.Time),
Writer: string(de.Writer),
if last != nil {
last.Next = dirEntry
} else {
first = dirEntry
last = dirEntry
return first, nil
// Get returns the contents of a path.
func (c *Client) Get(path string) ([]byte, error) {
return c.c.Get(upspin.PathName(path))
// Put puts the data as the contents of name and returns its reference in the default location (at the default store).
func (c *Client) Put(name string, data []byte) (string, error) {
entry, err := c.c.Put(upspin.PathName(name), data)
if err != nil {
return "", err
if len(entry.Blocks) == 0 {
return "<empty>", nil
return string(entry.Blocks[0].Location.Reference), nil // TODO: This should include all blocks.
// NewClient returns a new Client for a given user's configuration.
func NewClient(clientConfig *ClientConfig) (*Client, error) {
userName, err := user.Clean(upspin.UserName(clientConfig.UserName))
if err != nil {
return nil, err
cfg := config.New()
cfg = config.SetUserName(cfg, userName)
cfg = config.SetPacking(cfg, upspin.EEPack)
f, err := factotum.NewFromKeys([]byte(clientConfig.PublicKey), []byte(clientConfig.PrivateKey), nil)
if err != nil {
log.Error.Printf("Error creating factotum: %s", err)
return nil, err
cfg = config.SetFactotum(cfg, f)
se := upspin.Endpoint{
Transport: upspin.Remote,
NetAddr: upspin.NetAddr(clientConfig.StoreNetAddr),
cfg = config.SetStoreEndpoint(cfg, se)
de := upspin.Endpoint{
Transport: upspin.Remote,
NetAddr: upspin.NetAddr(clientConfig.DirNetAddr),
cfg = config.SetDirEndpoint(cfg, de)
ue := upspin.Endpoint{
Transport: upspin.Remote,
NetAddr: upspin.NetAddr(clientConfig.KeyNetAddr),
cfg = config.SetKeyEndpoint(cfg, ue)
return &Client{
c: client.New(cfg),
}, nil