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To build a new APK:
- Download and install Android Studio:
- Launch Android Studio (<installation_dir>/bin/
- On the main screen, select Import Project (Eclipse, Gradle, etc)
+ Select this project. You should see an Android Studio icon close to it.
- Install an updated Android SDK from within Android Studio.
+ Tools > Android > SDK Manager
- Build go bindings for Android:
+ cd $GOPATH/src/
+ go generate
- Import the .aar created in the step above:
+ File > New > New Module > Import .JAR/.AAR Package
+ Enter the path above, expanding the GOPATH var.
+ It should find gobind.aar.
+ Your project window now should have app and gobind.
- Set gobind as a dependency:
+ File > Project Structure
+ Click on "app".
+ Select the Dependencies tab.
+ Click + on the top right margin.
+ Select gobind.
+ Click Ok.
- Build the project
+ Build > Rebuild project
- Plug a phone in Developer Mode and launch the app:
+ Run > Run (or click on the green "play" icon near menu item Run)
- Follow configuration instructions on the phone.